10-11-12 What Does It Mean?


What Does It Mean?

Today is a special day, numerically speaking: It’s 10-11-12. Cool, but how significant is today? Those who study numbers say, well, not too much. Perhaps we should say, today is as significant as you make it.

How rare is the day? After all,  later this year, on Dec. 12, we will have  12-12-12. In fact, the kind of sequence happening today is one that’s been occurring every year since 2003, when we had 01-02-03. It will end for a while in 2014, with 12-13-14. This sort of  occurrence basically happens in the early years of a new century. Really, today is just a numerological curiosity. People find it amusing, but there is no cosmic significance.

Maybe today is significant enough to influence your wedding date? The date 10-11-12 has proven not nearly as popular as last year’s 11-11-11. Wedding chapels in Las Vegas often offer a special numerology package, including a chapel, a pianist, a minister, and a limo to the courthouse, among other things.

Perhaps the day isn’t significant for a wedding, but maybe significant enough to go buy a lottery ticket? Maybe you need to ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky today?” You never know, and as the saying goes, “you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Win or lose, married or single, today is only as significant as you make it.


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