16th Annual Nine Flags Festival

16th Annual Nine Flags Festival

Nacogdoches- A visit to Nacogdoches any time of year is great, but a visit during the Nine Flags Festival is especially heart-warming and fun! The Nine Flags Festival is a four-week celebration of the rich and spirited history of the oldest town in Texas, from November 17 through December 8. Since its inception 16 years ago, the Nine Flags Festival has become one of the premier holiday celebrations in the state and has been recognized by the Texas Legislature for its community education and historic restoration efforts.

The Nine Flags Festival pays homage to the nine flags that have flown over Nacogdoches, as opposed to the six that have represented Texas. The nine flags that have flown over Nacogdoches include French, Spanish, Magee-Gutierrez, Dr. James Long, Mexican, Fredonia Rebellion, Lone Star, Confederate Stars & Bars and United States of America. The festival offers a host of events during its four week run, from historic tours to special lighting ceremonies and a Christmas parade. Choosing the right days to visit will determine how much of the festival you can enjoy!

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