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98th Annual East Texas State Fair

98th Annual East Texas State Fair

TYLER- Nine days of fun will get under way on September 20-29, with the return of the East Texas State Fair in Tyler. This year the festival turns 98-years-old! And in honor of this long running festival, fair organizers are bringing new events to the fair.

This year the East Texas State Fair has added a Frontier Show with horses, cooking and a saloon. Another attraction to be added this year includes a wild pack of wolves that have been trained to do tricks and acts. Plus, there will be a high-diving act, in which a man will dive into a 9 foot pool of water from 8 stories high.

There will also be a new concert series with the help of East Texas Music. Some of the artists performing this year include ‘JB and the Moonshine’ and the Swan Brothers’ who came in third place on the NBC show ‘The Voice’.

New rides are coming, too!

And of course all the traditional attractions will still be at the East Texas State Fair. It’s an East Texas tradition.

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