Aldridge Sawmill Historic Site

Aldridge Saw Mill Hiking 12

Remains of the Aldridge Sawmill, constructed by Hal Aldridge in 1905, can be seen inside the borders of the Angelina National Forest near Jasper, Texas. The original mill was of wooden construction, and the equipment both for the construction and for the actual mill operations was brought into the site by ox cart. By 1911, there were 76 buildings at Aldridge including houses, a warehouse, hotel, company store, and company offices. Later that year, the wooden mill structure burned down and a new mill was constructed using hand-poured concrete. In 1918, the mill was sold to Kirby Lumber Company who continued to run it on a limited basis until 1923 when it was finally closed. The last of the township itself was abandoned in 1927, and the site was subsequently acquired by the U.S. Forest Service in 1935.

While the town itself is gone, the abandoned shells of the four concrete mill buildings, various concrete foundations, the mill pond, and portions of the old railroad tram still remain.

Directions From Lufkin: Take Highway 69 south to Zavalla; turn left (east) on Highway 63 and follow approximately 10.5 miles to Boykin Springs Road; turn right (south) for approximately 1.5 miles to fork; bear left onto the dirt road and follow approximately 3 miles to Aldridge.