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All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home

East Texas Native Opens Food Truck Biz 

Palestine- Leslie “Lulu” Dyess is what you might call a road scholar. After graduating from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas with a degree in Cultural Communications, she set out to see the world. Pursuing professional opportunities and hoping to glean ever elusive enlightenment along the way, Ms. Dyess hit the road and headed out west.

Among her many points of interest, she spent time in Marfa, Texas as a producer for the Marfa Film Festival. She says that during her time in the desert, with its scanty restaurant options, she began to dream of food. One dish became a recurring element in her dreams. A pork taco that she had never actually tasted in her waking life, began to taunt her. In her sleep she imagined delectable pork marinated in a medley of citrus juices and then doused in a smoky red sauce and dressed with homemade escabeche, all lovingly wrapped in a warm fresh corn tortilla. “One day!” Lulu would declare upon waking. “One day this taco will be mine!”

Not only has this day come, but for the lucky locals who find themselves in Old Town Palestine this weekend, this dreamy citrus pulled pork taco can be theirs as well. Lulu is launching her latest labor of love, a mobile food truck called Fork in the Road. Lulu’s taco creations and especially her signature salsa are divinely inspired. One bite of the heavenly chicken tomatillo taco with roasted corn salsa or the pitch perfect beef picadillo taco will send you places you may have only visited in dreams. For Lulu, the opportunity to share her vision of flavor, community and culture with her hometown is exactly that: a dream come true.

Fork in the Road will launch with a soft opening this coming Friday, October 5. Regular business hours will be from 7pm – 2am Thursday through Saturday, with the late dinner and after hours crowd in mind.

Fork in the Road is situated in the hollow between Petals Flower shop and the Shelton Gin Saloon at 302 E. Crawford in Old Town Palestine.

Follow Fork in the Road on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view the menu and get live updates about daily specials. Contact to arrange for office lunch delivery or special event catering.

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