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Another Milestone for the Texas State Railroad

Rusk, Texas- This week, the Texas State Railroad gained another new freight customer.

Viper Rail has contracted with the TSRR to store empty tanker cars. Some of the cars were used for hauling oil and others for hauling methanol. They are currently stored on the line adjacent to the TSRR’s Rusk Maintenance Shop.

This week’s delivery consisted of 19 tanker cars. Nineteen more cars are expected to be delivered within the next week and there is the potential for more deliveries to occur after that.

The cars are being shipped to the railroad from across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and will be stored at the TSRR for several months. They are being stored at the railroad because they are not currently needed for use due to changes in the energy market.

“It is exciting to see a freight train of this size, 19 cars in Rusk,” said Steven Butler, General Manager of the Texas State Railroad. “The Texas State Railroad has not seen a freight train of this size in nearly 50 years. This is a new chapter in the life of the Texas State Railroad and we hope it leads to more freight business in the future.”

For more information about the Texas State Railroad go to www.TexasStateRR.com or follow the Texas State Railroad on Facebook. Tickets can be booked online or by calling 903-683-3098.

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