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Baseball Month Continues at Liberty Hall!

Baseball Month Continues at Liberty Hall!

TYLER- Tonight,  at 7:00 p.m. Bull Durham will be on the big screen at Liberty Hall. Bull Durham is a 1988 Sports/Romance comedy starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins. It’s the Carolina Leagues and the last-place Durham Bulls are working out a rookie pitcher Ebby LaLoosh (Robbins). LaLoosh has a “million-dollar arm and a five-cent head,” so the ownership sends down “Crash” Davis (Costner), an aging catcher who’d been working his whole adult life to make the Majors, to teach and guide the new kid. Angry he’s been sent down instead of up, Crash almost refuses to take the assignment to help the new “Meat.” Mixing into the conflict is Annie Savoy (Sarandon), long-time resident of Durham and a long-time fan of baseball. A sports groupie, she takes it upon herself to latch onto a promising new talent every year and train him on the mysteries of baseball, sex and life. She spies both LaLoosh and Crash and invites them to compete for her affections: Crash, every bit her spiritual and intellectual equal, notes he’s too old to “try out” for anything and leaves her with LaLoosh by default, whom Annie quickly beds and nicknames “Nuke”.

Now with Crash and Annie teaching him – sometimes in conflict, but more often than not in concert – Nuke goes through the trials and errors of a pitcher: knowing when NOT to shake off a catcher’s sign, the value of a rain-out, how to hold a ball like an egg and how NOT to think when pitching. While all that’s going on, Crash and Annie start to realize that the two of them might be perfect for each other, except that now she’s with Nuke…

Come back out to Liberty Hall Friday, April 13 for a midnight showing of the Charlie Sheen comedy, Major League!

An exotic dancer marries the owner of a baseball club. He does not survive the honeymoon and she is in control of his team, The Indians. She wants to move to warmer climates where some new stadiums have been built, but her lease has only one escape clause: poor attendance. She fields the worst team she can find. The attitude of the owner gives the misfits and losers something to rally around and they fight back.

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online at or at the theater 30 minutes before the show (cash only). For more information please call Liberty Hall Manager Anne Payne at (903) 595-7274.

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