Baytown, Texas is a highly industrialized city of oil refining, rubber, chemical, and carbon black plants, located on I10 10 and SH 146. In 1822, early settler Nathaniel Lynch set up a ferry crossing at the junction of the San Jacinto River with Buffalo Bayou. The ferry is still in operation today. In 1824, early settler received a land grant, and his two leagues and, over 9,000 acres became a rapidly growing settlement, and was named Baytown. In the early 1850s, a shipyard established at the mouth of Goose Creek. Until the early 1900s, the area was only accessible by country road or ship. In 1908, oil was struck and in 1916, the Goose Creek Oilfield became the first offshore drilling operation in Texas. In 1919, the Humble Oil and Refining Company was constructed.