Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Feeling blue today? Think it’s just because it’s Monday? If you are in the dumps today then you may not be alone because today is  ‘Blue Monday’ – the day of the year which some consider the most depressing day of the year. The final week in January is said to be the time when the end of the festive break and the long wait for summer can bring on the winter blues.

Where do we get these Blue Monday woes? These bues have been linked to travel chaos, feeling poor after Christmas, lack of daylight and failed New Year’s resolutions, and a general drop in motivation.

One report suggested that a major reason for a drop in motivation comes from the continued winter darkness after the brief highlights of Christmas and New Year, which for some may have been a bust.

A survey conducted by Anglian Home Improvements into the impact of reduced daylight over the winter months found that the vast majority of people feel it has a negative impact on our wellbeing. The report claims 79 percent of people feel that limited hours of daylight has a negative effect on our mood.

Beat the blues this Monday!

Book a Break

Holiday firms say they get the most bookings at this time of year. There are loads of good deals out there, so stop moping and start booking. 

If your finances won’t allow for a big trip, think local. Steal away to Galveston for a weekend, rent a cabin on Caddo Lake and see the largest cypress wood forest in the world, visit a state park and get in touch with nature. Just because you need to pinch your pennies until the scream doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun right here in East Texas.

Get Up and Get Outside 

A little vitamin D will go a long way! A lack of sunlight is linked to SAD — seasonal affective disorder. A staggering ONE MILLION working hours are lost because of SAD each year, according to Dr Laura Davidson, from the charity Mental Health Research UK.

 The less you do, the less you will want to do — it is a vicious circle. If you can’t get outside today do something constructive indoors. We suggest getting a jump on your spring cleaning. hat way, when everyone else is spring cleaning you will be free to be outside enjoying the warmer weather. 

Get Back On the Wagon

Everyone has good intentions on January 1. Maybe you wanted to lose some weight or change your life in some way, but you fell off the wagon. Maybe you are embarrassed and depressed because your New Years Resolution didn’t last through the first month of 2013?

Get over it and get back on the wagon! Be realistic about your goals and try again. That’s how changes are made…with persistence.

What Else Might Help Kick the Blues? 

Share a hug with someone. Hey, some folks say it works.

Love is good for everyone. Dating sites report a rise in their visitors. Give it a try.

Chocolate makes everything better. The End. Just don’t make a habit of it.


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