Ol’ Bulldog’s BBQ Sauce

Ol’ Bulldog’s BBQ Sauce- BBQ is an East Texas staple. If you don’t have a good BBQ sauce recipe try Ol’ Bulldogs BBQ Sauce recipe from Lovelady, Texas!… Read More

Plum Wild Wine

Plum Wild Wine

Wild East Texas plums are small and tart, but always real treat.  Some may be no bigger than a marble but most get no larger than a golf ball. These small native plums are a meager offering for a snack, but their flavor explodes in a bottle … Read More

Capturing The Spirit Of East Texas’s Wild Muscadine

Capturing The Spirit Of East Texas’s Wild Muscadine- Deep in the Pineywoods the Southern muscadine reigns supreme. These wild sweet grapes can be found draped across East Texas fence rows, along creek and river beds, and hanging from pine trees across the region. Muscadines make for excellent jams and jellies. … Read More