Moonshinin’ In The Pines

Moonshinin’ In the Pines

By Dana Goolsby

ETX- Moonshine is an unmistakable spirit known by names such as white lightning, hooch, and mountain dew. Moonshining is the unlicensed distillation of whiskey and has deep roots in the Deep South, dating back to long before the Nineteenth Century. The corn whiskey … Read More

Winds of Change Leave Waneta Community In the Dust of the Past

Winds Of Change Leave Waneta Community In The Dust Of The Past

Grapeland, Texas- The oldest county in Texas was a booming place in the Pineywoods many years ago. Early settlers chose to make their homes under the pine tree canvas of Houston County, and tame the area. Communities began … Read More

Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins

Lightnin’- Bluesman Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins had ties to Houston County. A statue was erected in his memory across from Camp Street Café in Crockett. Locals say Hopkins played on the street and in establishments along Camp Street in his youth. Camp Street was in the center of the Black Business … Read More

Caddo Mounds State Historic Site: An East Texas Ancient Civilization

Caddo Mounds State Historic Site: An East Texas Ancient Civilization- More than 1,200 years ago, a group of Caddo Indians known as the Hasinai built a village and ceremonial center just east of Weches. Today, three earthen mounds still rise from the Neches River valley which was the southwestern-most ceremonial … Read More

History On The Brink of Extinction

History On The Brink of Extinction- Jaun Antonio Badillio, a Texas born Mexican, otherwise known as a Tejano, was a surveyor who lived around Nacogdoches the 1830s. He also owned a few parcels of land. One parcel of land Badillo is said to have owned is just west of Grapeland, … Read More