Plan A Staycation In The Pines

Plan A Staycation In The Pines- The price of gas has put a kink in many East Texans’ travel plans this summer. Days of $1.56 gas are gone, perhaps forever. If the price of gas has you thinking you can’t afford a little family fun this summer, think again. East … Read More

POW’s In The Pineywoods

POW’s In The Pineywoods

During the 1940s, East Texas sawmills and paper mills were at a loss due to World War II. Area loggers traded their saws and axes for rifles and went off to fight in the war. With the able bodied men of East Texas off fighting the … Read More

Broyles House

Broyles House, Palestine, Texas- The Broyles House in Palestine is an outstanding example of the Queen Anne style homes in the area. The historic home is a majestic two-and-a-half story frame home, which displays superb craftsmanship throughout the exterior’s elaborate woodwork.… Read More

World’s Tallest Statue Of An American Hero

Sam Houston Statue, Huntsville, Texas- The world’s tallest statue of an American Hero stands proudly beside I-45 in Huntsville, Texas. Sam Houston can be seen from an impressive distance as he oversees Texas traffic, day and night. Most East Texans have seen the statue, along with everyone else who has … Read More