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It’s Hard to Say “Black Bear”

By Dana Goolsby

ETX- In my ETX travels I meet many people and I hear a lot of great tales. Last week I met someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) in Houston County, who told me about something he had seen recently near his home while walking the family dog. While he had a pretty good description of the creature in question, he just wasn’t willing to say, “I saw a black bear.”

The gentleman and I were discussing a tract of land, and making reference to a nearby fence line. He noted that he rarely, if ever, saw deer on the property, and then he paused. Continue reading

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The Kettle House

GALVESTON- For over half of a century rumors, myths, and urban legends have swirled about the mysterious Kettle House on Galveston Island, and still no one seems to have the facts. MYETX visited the Kettle House a few weeks ago when we were on the Island. Although little is known about the strange structure, the Kettle House is a must-see site. Continue reading

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Possible Black Panther or Black Bear Caught on Camera in Anderson County

Palestine- This photo was taken just outside of Palestine, off Highway 287 North by a local resident’s game camera. Some people believe the animal in the photo is possibly a black panther. Others say the animal in question could be a black bear. MYETX wants to know what you think! Email us your comments to or comment below.
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 Cryptopalooza 2012 Marks the 45th Anniversary of the Patterson Film

Jefferson- Cryptid Hunters, film makers, scientists, writers, and enthusiasts gathered in Jefferson over the weekend for Cryptopalooza, marking the 45th anniversary of the Patterson Film. A lot of creatures lurk in the swamps and bayous near Jefferson, perhaps even Bigfoot. Numerous encounters with a hairy mythic creature have come out of Jefferson over the years, which made it the perfect location for the Bigfoot community to gather for a two-day conference and focus on those curious creatures whose existence has yet to be proven. Continue reading

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Google Maps Captures Possible UFO Over Jacksonville

Keep ETX Strange

Jacksonville- East Texas has become a hot bed for UFO sightings, small crop circles, and unexplained visitors. For years East Texans have claimed to be experiencing something “out of this world.” This week a Houston woman discovered something that appears to be “out of this world” in the sky above Jacksonville. Continue reading

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Panther Bait

Strange News

Ore City – How far would you go to get a glimpse of the illusive ETX panther? Would you try to lure him in with bait? You might be wondering what would make the best panther bait. Anthony Bassler of Ore City apparently thought panthers couldn’t resist a piece of ass. Continue reading

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Scat, Lady!

Strange News

Lufkin – Identifying scat can be a tricky process. Simple changes in an animal’s diet can dramatically change the color, shape and contents of feces making it difficult to determine the source of the droppings without scientific equipment. Luckily, a Dollar General in Lufkin had a security camera running, which has helped them determine what left a large excrement in the storeroom last Thursday evening, on June 28. Continue reading

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ETX Mannequins M.I.A.

Strange News

KILGORE – Over the last month mannequins have been disappearing from downtown Kilgore. The town’s plastic population is beginning to dwindle. It’s a rather strange crime that has left locals wanting to know “why and what were they thinking?” Continue reading

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Run, Bigfoot, Run!

Texas Bigfoot, perhaps more specifically the East Texas Bigfoot (everyone knows he lives in the Pineywoods) has been making big headlines recently. The hairy cryptid is more popular than ever thanks to shows like Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.” But in the height of his popularity, Bigfoot may find himself in the crosshairs, at least here in Texas.  Continue reading

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Do You Believe?

Texas Bigfoot Conference 2011

Tyler- Calling all cryptid hunters and Bigfoot believers! In just a few weeks seekers of the strange and unusual will converge on Tyler, Texas. October 1st, the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) will host its annual Texas Bigfoot Conference, for the third consecutive year in Tyler. This is the eleventh year that the Texas Bigfoot Conference has been held, previously taking place in Jefferson. Continue reading

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ETX Strange News

  • Warren Jeff’s Becomes an East Texas Resident
  • Don’t Come Around Here Askin’ For Money
  • Homeless Man Kills Lufkin Woman Then Finishes off a 30-Pack Continue reading
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