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Chained Together For Eternity

Chained Together For Eternity

By Jeff Campbell / Jeff In Jefferson

Photo by Jeff Campbell

When visiting the Historic Oakwood Cemetery, in Jefferson, an observer can view numerous angelic monuments, mausoleums and historic gravestones but one monument is unique. This monument is not only unique to Jefferson’s Oakwood Cemetery but is also a one of a kind marker not seen in other cemeteries.

The marker is made up of two short, black pieces made to look like wood, linked together by a piece of black chain. There are no dates listed, no names, in fact there is not an inscription or description at all. So what is the story behind this strange, little grave marker?

Jefferson Outlaws, Jesse Robinson and Bill Rose, were described in one newspaper as “dangerous and bad men, either drunk or sober”. In 1871, during a gunfight, they killed each other. Legend has it that since they were similar despicable characters, linked by criminal behavior and responsible for each others death, their cheap wood coffins would be chained together. One large hole was dug for both and their final resting place was remembered by these two, short pieces linked by a chain. Chained together for eternity.

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