Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch & Doris Day Horse Rescue, Spring Open House

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch & Doris Day Horse Rescue, Spring Open House

MURCHISON-  Visit the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch’s biannual open house in Murchison  April 14 & 21, from 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. to meet rescued chimpanzees and other primates; horses and burros; bobcats; iguanas and African tortoises; antelope, deer, ostriches, llamas; American bison; and dozens of other species now living lives of peace and compassion. The ranch is the largest animal sanctuary in the country, and the facility is only open to the public four open house days per year and during special events.

It all began because of a cat – The Cat Who Came for Christmas to be exact. Providing safe harbor to an abused kitten one Christmas Eve, renowned humorist and humanitarian Cleveland Amory unselfishly founded The Fund for Animals – an advocacy organization speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves – animals.

In 1979, The Fund purchased 85 acres to house hundreds of burros rescued from the Grand Canyon. Today our Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a national animal sanctuary that has grown to 1,300 acres with four lakes and a dozen ponds and brooks.

The ranch is America’s largest and most diverse animal sanctuary, providing a permanent home to more than 1,300 domestic and exotic animals including chimpanzees, burros, horses, bison, camels, and many others.

These animals’ histories are not always pleasant. The animals have been abused, injured, homeless, and threatened; they come to the ranch needing serenity, veterinary attention, and access to food and clean water. Here their needs are addressed, and they have a place to live out their natural lives.

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch will soon be home to a horse rescue and adoption center, thanks to the generosity of the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

The ranch is a specialized operation located near Athens.  Staff and volunteers care for these animals year-round, and the facility is supported by generous donations from the public. Twice a year, the ranch gates are opened to welcome guests who can walk the grounds, take tours, and meet some of the animals they have read about.

Children of all ages are welcome, but please leave your pets at home as they aren’t allowed on site.

All activities are free, but donations are appreciated.  Because we are a non-profit, donations are tax-deductible and are used to provide direct care for the animals.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch 12526 County Road 3806
Murchison, TX, TX, 75778

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