“Confessions of a Migrant Okie Childhood” Dust Bowl-Great Depression Presentation to Be Held at Historic Texas Theatre

Confessions of a Migrant Okie Childhood

Dust Bowl-Great Depression Presentation to Be Held at Historic Texas Theatre

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at 6:00 p. m. at the Texas Theater located at 213 W. Crawford St. in Palestine, author Mike Martin of Visalia, California, will offer an Old Route 66 Special Presentation entitled “Confessions of a Migrant Okie Childhood.

Martin’s program has been described as a Dust Bowl-Great Depression presentation with a twist, in that he looks at this period of time from the perspective of an insider looking out rather than from, as is more often the case, of an outsider looking in. Some of the causes and consequences of the period of extensive internal migration that took place back then are viewed in terms of how they were actually experienced by a family of migrants exemplary of many others.

Rather than simply discussing the situations the family had to deal with, events are vividly recounted through the use of a unique and fascinating private collection of non-stock period photographs–explanations of why the family moved in the first place, what their journey was like, what they experienced upon arrival at their new location, what it was like to adjust to living and working in new surroundings, where they lived and then ultimately settled, what became of them over the years, and where they are today.  Material for the program is taken from Martin’s recent books, “My Indian Territory School” and “Bryant: A Creek Indian Nation Townsite.” “Confessions of a Migrant Okie Childhood” is a general interest presentation for all ages.

Event sponsored by the Trinity Valley Community College, the Historic Texas Theatre, the Palestine Hampton Inn, and the Palestine Tourist Bureau.

Admission is free.

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