Conroe, Texas is the county seat of Montgomery County, and located even miles southeast of Lake Conroe in central Montgomery County. In 1881, Isaac Conroe established a sawmill on Stewarts Creek, first settled in the late 1830s. Conroe soon transferred his operations down the tracks to the rail junction, and in 1884, a post office was established at the mill commissary, and the community took the name Conroe’s Switch, less than 10 years later the name was shortened to Conroe. By the mid 1800s,  Conroe became the only junction of major rail lines in the county. Int he late 19th century, a lumber boom attracted settlers to Conroe. A residence donated by Isaac Conroe served as a temporary courthouse until a permanent brick structure could be erected in 1891, and by 1892, the community had grown and its population was approximately 500. By 1900 Conroe was Montgomery County’s largest community. The Great Depression took a toll ont eh community, but in 1931, oil was discovered seven miles southeast of Conroe. Within weeks the locally economy had been revived by an oil boom, and the timber industry experienced a resurgence in the early 1940s.