Courtney's Thumb

Courtney’s Thumb

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BIO– Texas born, ranch raised and no stranger to a dirty sweaty mess, Courtney has done her share of manual labor.

She graduated from Latexo High school in 1999, moved to Lufkin to attend Angelina College. Once the basics were finished, Courtney transferred to Sam Houston State University, where she fell in love with photography, English and history. Upon receiving a bachelor’s in English, she moved back to Crockett and discovered her mother’s passion for gardening and cooking. Courtney is also surrogate mother to a golden retriever lab mix and fiancé to a great cowboy who continues to expand her knowledge.

Now, quite seasoned on several other subjects including, but not limited to: painting (walls and furniture, no portraits), photography, livestock care and handling, good grub, and the occasional restoration project Courtney will lend her knowledge to MY ETX.

Courtney Terry can be reached for comment via email at

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