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Crockett’s Oldest Burial Ground

Crockett’s Oldest Burial Ground

Crockett- Take a stroll through one of the oldest cemeteries in Houston County. Walk among early Texas heroes, pioneers, confederate soldiers, and Crockett citizens that helped mold East Texas history.

The cemetery is full of historical markers and enormous old tombstones. The head stones are impressive and the markers tell the tales of those who helped settle East Texas. Glenwood Cemetery in Crockett is the final resting place of the founder of the City of Crockett, as well as many other names that are familiar locally. Centennial Markers for Judge Elijah Gossett and Major Isaac Watts Burton erected in 1936, in 1987 there were 21 private historical plaques, 93 veteran markers for C.S.A., WWI, WWII and Vietnam Service, along with 20 official Texas Historical Grave Markers (11 in North Sector, 9 in South Sector). A Grand Master of the Masons of Texas is even buried in the historic cemetery, along with Crockett’s first mayor and a friend of Davy Crockett.

Glenwood Cemetery, on Pease Avenue, opened soon after Houston County was created and Crockett was established as the county seat, almost 175 years ago in 1837. the north sector was opened in 1870 after city and county reorganized following reconstruction after Civil War.

“In original townsite of Crockett opened soon after Houston county was created and the county seat founded in 1837. Burials include early Texas heroes and statesmen; A friend visited by David Crockett on the way to the Alamo; A grandnephew of U.S. President Monroe; and city’s first elected mayor.”






The shady cemetery has given way to numerous claims of ghostly apparitions, and deterred visitors from entering the gates. Spirts of confederate soldiers are said to wander the cemetery whispering to those who enter. Faint voices from beyond the grave allegedly call out to those who pass over the old burial ground and some have even said they have heard such phrases as “War is hell” whispering through the pines. Read more about the hanuting of Glenwood Cemetery!

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