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Jefferson- Craig Woolheater hosted the Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, TX from 2001 to 2008 as the director of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC). In 2005, the City of Jefferson presented Woolheater with the Key to the City, as well as proclaiming the 3rd weekend of October in Jefferson to be “Texas Bigfoot Weekend.”

The City of Jefferson asked Woolheater to bring back a Bigfoot themed event to Jefferson for 2012. Though no longer associated with the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, Woolheater decided to build upon the Bigfoot theme and include other creatures of Cryptozoology (the study of unknown or hidden animals) such as mysterious black panthers of Texas, Chupacabras, Big Bird and other Winged Weirdies, the Fouke Monster and more…

Cryptopalooza has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally a reality. Over the years friends Michael Esordi, founder of Believe It Tour, and Craig Woolheater, founder of Cryptomundo, have tossed around ideas about the conference experience and how to make it even better for people. Out of those discussions the idea began to form of starting something new and unique. Michael hit on the name Cryptopalooza and things started to pick up steam when the city of Jefferson, Texas contacted Craig about doing an event in their city.

Saturday, October 20, coincidentally the 45th anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin film, we have the Conference from 10 AM-5 PM, featuring speakers such as Loren Coleman, Chester Moore, Lyle Blackburn, Jerry Hestand and Ken Gerhard. Cryptopalooza isn’t just all talk however; there will be music, movies, munchies and more! Friday night at 7 PM we will be hosting a “Meat n’ Greet” dinner catered by Riverport BBQ with music provided by The Boggy Creek Boys. We will have Drive-In Movie Night Saturday from 7 to 11 PM. All of these events take place at the Jefferson Visitors Center.

After the movies, we will have a chartered Bigfoot Train to take us through the spooky woods surrounding Jefferson. Perhaps we will be lucky and Bigfoot will make an appearance, who knows? Sunday morning we will have a guided tour of Fouke led by Lyle Blackburn showing us filming locations for The Legend of Boggy Creek, as well as locations where the Fouke Monster was witnessed.

General admission to the event is $15, but there are other packages that include the other activities. For more information on Cryptopalooza, including registration, go to


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