Daingerfield, Texas the county seat of Morris County, and in 1840, the site was named in honor of Capt. London Daingerfield, who died in a nearby battle in 1830. The town was named county seat of Paschal County, a judicial county in the Republic of Texas, and courts for the southern division of Red River County were held there in 1844. In 1846, a post office was opened, and by the 1850s the town was beginning to grow. After the Civil War the town grew quickly, and in 1877, Titus County, which had originally included Daingerfield and the surrounding area, was divided, and Daingerfield became the county seat of the new Morris County. The town’s greatest growth came after WWII, when the Lone Star Steel Company and the United States Navy Bureau of Ordnance Aerophysics Laboratory opened.