Demon’s Road

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 Demon’s Road

By Dana Goolsby

Huntsville – Bowden Road, perhaps better known as    “Demon’s Road,” has a steady flow of reports regarding the experiences travelers claim to have while driving down the old dusty road. People that wander down “Demons Road” tell tales of disturbing encounters, and an eerie feeling that sweeps over anyone who dares disrupt the spirits said to be lingering down the road. 

Locals warn curious people who set out to brave the path not to provoke the spirits. Many of those warnings are spoken by those who claim spirits followed them home after being in that area.

In May of 2010 a women reported the encounter her husband and their friends had while at Martha’s Chapel Cemetery. She claimed they saw a man walking through the cemetery one evening, but did not pay much attention to the old wanderer.

The woman reported, a few days later as the woman was getting into the shower, she turned around to close the shower curtain, and much to her surprise, there in her bedroom, stood the same man they had seen wandering through the cemetery.

As soon as her eyes locked with visitor’s the man disappeared. The woman has not reported seeing the man since the day he appeared in her bedroom, however he instilled the type of fear that leaves one always looking over their shoulder.

Urban legends swirl about the old cemetery and the dusty road. According to one man’s story, he and his buddy saw a hand protruding from a grave in Martha Chapel Cemetery. Eventually the whole arm was said to be out from within its grave, and grasping around in search of something, or anything.

Witnesses regularly report large handprints being left on their vehicles. Some witnesses claim the handprints appear to be where someone or something unseen grabbed at their car. Almost 100 car owners who found prints on their vehicle have allegedly reported their encounters.

Reports of mysterious red lights seen along “Demon’s Road” are also often made. Those who claim to have seen the lights say that the number of lights that appear depends on the number of people traveling in the vehicle. One group of four alleged that as they were leaving the road, at approximately 4 a.m., four red lights appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly four handprints appeared on the hood of the truck, according to one of the men in the group.

Some say that a cult has been spotted down “Demon’s Road” holding ritual ceremonies. It has even been said that members of the cult have been seen drinking blood from a sacrificed dog.

Others claimt they were visited by apparitions of a young child, with glowing eyes, riding a tricycle while on the road. A strange, faceless, threatening creature is also said to appear to some people.

So if you must go down “Demons Road,” or if you just cannot resist the urge to explore the unexplained, please remember not to provoke or disrespect the spirits along your way. Steer clear of those who have passed on but are attempting to escape their graves, and avoid becoming the legendary cult’s next sacrifice. Oh, and never let a ghostly “hitch hiker” follow you home.

**WARNING- MYETX warns thrill seekers and the curious- NEVER trespass, NEVER disturb someone’s property, and ALWAYS respect the locals. MYETX enjoys a good haunted tale, but has no way of verifying claims that have been exaggerated, manufactured, or are downright preposterous.**

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