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Denby’s An American Grill

Denby’s An American Grill

Grand Opening

Palestine- Something amazing has been in the works in Downtown Palestine and now it is time to unveil what East Texas has been waiting for. Denby’s An American Grill, located on Crawford Street next to the Historic Texas Theatre,  has been months in the making and will open its doors to the public this Saturday!  Book your reservations at Denby’s today and experience what separates East Texas from the rest of the Lone Star State, as the last of the Deep South.

In the Deep South food is worshipped and celebrated with all the fervor of a firebrand preacher. Meals are soulfully prepared and the satisfaction that follows can only be described as comforting. At Denby’s, Chef Christopher Cowan knows the way to East Texans hearts and stomachs.

Denby’s will feature two types of food, both sure to awaken your taste buds. The bar side of the restaurant will feature East Texas foods and embrace the Deep South cooking style and culture. The restaurant side of Denby’s is an American grill with some global flavors. Both sides Denby’s offer a great atmosphere and elegant décor- the perfect place to gather with friends or an intimate dinner for two.

Denby’s is also a State of Texas historical treasure! It was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1998 – Building #98000694. Step back in time in East Texas and treat yourself to dinner at Denby’s, where the history is as rich as the food.

Denby’s was constructed by prominent Palestine architect Theodore S. Maffit in about 1935. The majestic old building has been restored to its original glory, making Crawford Street pulsate with life. The building is classified as a two-part commercial block and is one of the city’s best examples dating back to the 1930s.

The building’s longest association was with the Denby Furniture Store, which began occupying the space at the time of construction. Denby Furniture Store remained in the building until the 1950s. Sometime during the 1950s the façade was covered with aluminum, which has since been removed.

The building encompasses the popular trend in 1930s commercial architecture, which emphasized simplicity in design and appearance. Since the building has been restored it looks grand and magnificent standing in Downtown Palestine next to the Historic Texas Theatre.

Denby’s An American Grill is located at 201 West Crawford Street in Downtown Palestine. Make reservations to taste some of the best food in East Texas and experience Denby’s by calling 903-723-0783. Never has there been a more appropriate venue in East Texas to take friends and family.