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East Texas Know How

East Texas Know How 

By Nikki Pelezo / Dirt Roads

The other day my husband, Charlie, went to all three auto parts stores here in the Gilmer area looking for a doomaflotchy for his gizmo.  Please bare with me, I don’t know auto/motorcycle speak.  He wasn’t making any headway because of the lines at the parts counter.  He  had gone to a couple of auto parts stores, but it seemed there were too many customers and the counter men were also having to wait on customers over the telephone.   

He went across the street to the other auto parts store (yes they are all within spitting distance) and when Charlie was just about the next in line, the counterman had to answer the phone which took several minutes.  Just as the counterman was ready to wait on Charlie the counterman again answered the phone.  Frustrated, Charlie grabbed one of the auto parts store’s business cards off the counter and called the store.  Just as the counterman was finished with the phone call, another call demanded to be answered. The counterman took the call and this is the conversation…verbatim…

“______________ (you can fill in the store name, they’re all alike), what can I do to help you,” asked the counterman.

“Do you have a water pump for a 2006 Dodge pick-up?” asked Charlie.  “That’s a 318 engine, yep I’ll hold.”

The counterman runs in the back and returns in a jiffy.  He picks up the phone and says “Yes sir, we have that in stock, do you want me to put it aside and have you come in later this afternoon?” asked the counterman.

“No that won’t be necessary, see the fellow waving at you in front of the counter?  Well, that’s me and you can go ahead and get the pump, ‘cause I need it right now.”

Being a very good employee of _____________(you fill in the store name, they’re all alike) the counterman proceeded to go to the back and get the pump.  

East Texans with cell phones can and will make a difference in customer satisfaction.

6 Replies to “East Texas Know How

  1. That’s a cracker,Nikki – good for Charlie. I badly needed a giggle and you’ve just given me one, thank you.

  2. Well, stupid me would never of think of any thing like. Smart, very smart idea. I must remember that one. Cute little story Nik.

  3. I can understand Charlie’s frustration, having had similar problems myself. Didn’t realize it was so funny ’til I saw it thru someone else’s eyes. Keep up the great stories !!!!

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