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East Texas Yamboree

East Texas Yamboree

Gilmer- The East Texas Yamboree is one of the longest running festivals in Texas with well over one hundred thousand people attending every year. Each year people come from near and far to Gilmer, Texas to celebrate the yam! Wednesday, October 19, the 74th Annual East Texas Yamboree Festival will kick off around the courthouse square in Gilmer.

What makes the Yamboree special to so many people?

Many people say it’s the great carnival that expands every year with many exciting new rides and attractions. Others are drawn to the festival to see the Queen’s Coronation Pageant. The Livestock Show and Sale also attracts people who enjoy seeing animals that  local youth have raised to showcase at this special event.

Others love the barn dance where East Texans can see the rising young stars of country music and dance the night away. Let’s not forget the parades, gospel singing, the exhibits, the art and photography shows, high school football, spending time with family and old friends plus other activities that take place over this special weekend in October.

All of these things and more make the East Texas Yamboree an event that people come from all over the world to enjoy  every year. Make plans to experience one of the oldest festivals in Texas this year!

2011 Schedule of Events

Event Key

YP___________Yamboree Park, Hwy 271 N.

CS___________Courthouse Square, Downtown Gilmer

TSG__________ Trinity Street Gym, @ Warren St.

HS___________Gilmer High School, Buffalo St. @ Bradford St.

CC__________Civic Center, Hwy 271N.  

Wednesday, October 19th

7-8:30am    Broiler Sifting (YP)

8:45am      Broiler Show (YP)

10:30am    Museum opens – Queen’s Gown Display

11:00am – 12:00pm  Goat Weigh-in (YP)

12:30pm    Goat Show (YP)

4:00pm – 6:00pm  Market Swine Weigh-in (YP)

6:00pm    Carnival/Youth Night (CS) All Rides 1/2 Price

7:30pm    Queen’s Coronation (CC)

Thursday, October 20th

9:00am      Market Swine Show (YP)

9:00am      Home Canning Judging (YP)

General Exhibits (YP)

Hobby/Craft Show Opens(YP)

Yam Exhibits Opens (YP)

Photography Show Opens

10:00am    Bandstand Opens (CS)

9:00am – 11:00am   Rabbit Check-in and Sift (YP)

10:15am    Coffee for Queen/Court @ First Baptist Church Parlor Cass St.

10:30am    Museum Opens Queen’s Gown Display

11:30am    Rabbit Show (YP)

11:45am    All-Service Club Luncheon (HS)

12 noon    Carnival Opens (CS)

6:00pm     Steer Weigh-in & Diary Heifer Udder Check (YP)

7:00pm     Queen’s Coronation (CC)

8:30pm     Street Dance @ Bandstand (CS)

10:00pm    Queen’s Ball for Queen and her Court (By Invitation Only)

Friday, October 21st

8:00am      Shop Project (YP)

8:30am      Pee Wee Swine Class (YP)

9:00am      All Exhibits Open (YP)

Art & Photography Show Opens (YP)

Bandstand Opens (CS)

9:30am – 11:00am  Yam Pie Check-in (YP)

10:00am     Carnival Opens (CS)

10:30am     Museum Opens – Queen’s Gown Display

11:00am     School/Youth Parade

12noon       Area Bands Perform on Bandstand (CS)

Yam Pie Judging (YP)

1:30pm       Steer Show (YP)

3:00pm       Commercial Diary Show , Jr. Diary Show immediately following Commercial Diary (YP)

Yam Pie Results – Yam Pie Sale immediately following

4:00pm       Gospel Stage Opens (CC)

8:30pm       Street Dance @ Bandstand (CS)

Saturday, October 22nd

8:00am       Jr. Beef Judging

8:00am – 10:00am  Antique/Classic Car Show @ W. Cass St.

9:00am      All Exhibits Open (YP)

Bandstand Opens (CS)

10:00am     Fiddler’s Contest Registration @ the Bandstand (CS)

Carnival Opens (CS)

10:30am     Museum Opens – Queen’s Gown Display

11:00am     Queen’s Parade (CS)

12:00noon  Gospel Stage Opens (CC)

11:00am – 2:00pm  Yamboree Barbeque (YP)

1:00pm      Fiddler’s Contest @ Bandstand (CS)

Marching Contest (HS)

Bottle Fed Class (YP)

2:00pm      Livestock Sale (YP)

8:00pm      Barn Dance (TSG)

8:30pm      Street Dance @ Bandstand (CS)

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