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Fall, or Cool Weather Gardening in Texas

By: Valerie Martin/Ask a Master Gardener

If you are like me, you had every intention on planting a fall garden this year and time just got away from you.  Even though it’s the middle of September, it’s not too late! I have put together a list of veggies that are still in the safe date range to plant. Some of these you will need to hurry to plant, as the cut-off dates are approaching fast!! I have parenthesis around the ones that I have knowledge that do particularly well in the East Texas area. If at all possible, please try and purchase your plants at a local nursery. They need your help! If they don’t have what you are looking for, and your not pressed on the time, let them see if they can get it! I took this picture at Iron Gate Feed and Seed, in Palestine, TX.
Beets   9/1 – 10/15  – (Detroit Dark Red) and other that do well around Texas are Chioggia, Pacemaker 111, Red Ace, Red Cloud, or Warrior.

Broccoli (plants)  8/1 – 9/15 –  (Green Comet, or Packman) Baccus, Early Dividend, Everest, or Premium Crop.

Brussels Sprouts   8/1 – 10/1  – Diablo or Tasty Nugget do well in all areas of Texas.

Cabbage (plants)  8/15 – 9/15   Green Types: Bravo, Green Boy, Market Prize, Point One, or Rio Verde. Red Types: Cardinal or Red Rookie.

Cabbage, Chinese   8/15 – 9/15

Carrots  8/15 – 10/15  – (Nantes) Bolero, Imperator 58, Orlando Gold, Texas Gold Spike or Vita Sweet.

Cauliflower (plants)  8/15 – 9/15 –  Imperial 10-6, Majestic, Snowball Y improved, or Snow Crown. Purple: Violet Queen Green:Alverda

Chard, Swiss  8/1 – 10/15 –

Collard/Kale   8/15 – 10/1 – (Nero di Toscana) Blue Knight, Dwarf Blue Curled, or Dwarf Scotch.

Garlic 9/1 – 10/15 – (Elephant) Mexican Purple, New York White, or Texas White. You can actually plant these between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Kohlrabi  8/15 – 9/15 – (Purple Danube) Early White, Grand Duke Hybrid, Vates or Vienna.

Lettuce (leaf) 9/15 – 10/15 – (Ruby) Looseleaf: Brunia, Prizehead, Red Sails, Red Salad Bowl, or Salad Bowl.

Mustard  9/15 – 10/15  – Green Wave, Savannah, Southern Giant Curl, or Tendergreen.

Parsley  8/15 – 10/1 –

Potatoes (Irish)  8/15 – 9/15 – (Russian Banana, Kennebec) Red – Norland Red LaSoda.

Radish  9/15 – 10/15 – Easter Egg, French Breakfast, Red Prince, Champion or White Icicle.

Spinach  9/1 – 10/15 – Savory: (Bloomsdale) Coho, Fall Green II, Green Valley II, Ozarka II, or Tyee. Smooth: Baby Leaf, Reddy, or Space.

Turnips 10/1 – 11/1 – Just Right, Purple Top White Globe, Royal Globe, Shogoin, or White Lady. Greens: All Top or Tyfon.

Other than the cool season veggies that I have mentioned here, are there other cool weather veggies that you have planted in the past that worked well in your garden?


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