Garrison, Texas is 18 miles northeast of Nacogdoches in Nacogdoches County. In the mid 1880s, Capt. J. H. (Jim) Garrison bought 387 acres of land on the Attoyac River and sold a portion of it to Houston, East and West Texas Railroad. The area near the depot was named Garrison, and the first business to open was J. H. Garrison’s office, which furnished wood and ties for the railroad from Lufkin to the Louisiana state line. The first train came to Garrison in 1886, and was celebrated by a free ride to Nacogdoches on flatcars. Natural resources of mineral springs, coal, fireproof clay, and timber were important to the economy of early Garrison. By 1896, the town was known as a health resort and had a population of 500.

Little Known History:

  • Maud Irwin became the first woman mayor in Texas when she was elected mayor of Garrison in 1937.