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Graystone Haunted Manor

Graystone Haunted Manor

Longview- Long ago, during the 1800’s, Dr. Grigor Von Graystone, his wife, and three children fled into exile from their homeland and settled in Longview, Texas, where they lived quietly in their Manor on the hill.

Legend has it, one Hallows Eve, something went terribly wrong. Some say the wicked fingers of an eerie green glow could be seen in the distance as it crawled up the rise and enveloped the Manor. Townspeople were mystified and wide-eyed. The sound of a deep low rumble drifted down from the hill and resonated among the town. Then, the roar from the hill suddenly ceased, and was followed by a bright flash of light.  

The townspeople had always been suspicious of the doctor. They gathered their torches and pitchforks to ascend upon the Manor, but as apprehension grew their steps slowed as they approached the Manor.  The door to the Manor stood wide open and only a few were brave enough to enter.

Dr. Von Graystone’s wife, Lucinda, stood lifeless in the kitchen with her hands raised as though she were preparing dinner. In the nursery the children were frozen in the midst of play, all color gone from their faces. As they entered the next room, screams of terror erupted from those who had dared to enter the Manor. To their horror they saw the nanny swinging by her neck from a noose.

When the group entered Dr. Von Graystone’s laboratory they found his notes on his desk. The group discovered that he had been experimenting with time travel. Graystone had created a time vortex machine.
The next day, the people buried the bodies in Oak Raven Cemetery. They boarded up the house and left the missing doctor for dead.

Lately, strange things have been happening up at the Manor. The family it seems has returned, but not in human form, accompanied by dreadful and ominous spirits.

Visit Graystone Haunted Manor, if you dare, and experience the Manor where the family lived and died. Or did they? Take a tour of the old graystone Manor and learn more about the history of the ghosts roaming the hallways of the once beautiful estate. Wind your way through Oak Raven Cemetery where the departed never sleep in the tombstone riddled graveyard. Enter the Labyrinth of Time, where the past, present and future seemingly fade into one.

Graystone Manor is located at 13481 FM 968 West in Longview. For more information visit the official Graystone Manor website!

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