Green Anole

Green Anole- The green anole is native to East Texas and readily on tap during the summer months. They enjoy the warm climates of the region, and are often the source of much fun for children as they are harmless.

The green anole will grow to be six to eight inches in length. They have long slender bodies with long thin tails. The anole is often mistaken for a chameleon due to its ability to change colors and blend in with its environment. Their coloration is usually limited to green, yellow, brown, gray, or a mixture of these colors. Most healthy anoles are bright green. The male anole has a large pink fan of skin under his neck, known as a dewlap, which he extends for courtship or as a warning. Anoles feed on small insects such as grubs, moths, and spiders.

Green anoles are agile creatures. The pads on their feet allow them to climb, cling, and run on almost any surface. They also have a trick up their sleeve should the needs arise for a quick escape. Their extremely fragile tails can drop from their body if grabbed! This maneuver allows the anole to escape should a predator, or curious child grab their tail. In time, the anole will grow a new tail.

East Texans will see several of these lizards before the summer is over. If you grew up in East Texas it is likely you saw a green anole hanging from someone’s ear as a joke. The green anole is harmless if it latches on to you. They are active during the daylight hours and enjoy sunning on fences, walls, and branches.

If you or your children happen to catch a green anole and decide to make him a family pet please remember they require special care to survive in captivity. They need a controlled environment or they will quickly die. Perhaps the best thing to do is enjoy the lizard for a few minutes then release him back into the wild, or your back yard.


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