Hallsville, Texas is located a12 miles west of Marshall in southwestern Harrison County. The area was first settled in 1839, when Fort Crawford was constructed. By 1849, the fort had a post office, a school, a church and a Masonic Hall. Southern Pacific Railway crossed a mile north of Fort Crawford in 1869, prompting settlers to move toward the railroad and rename the town Hallville. A cemetery is all that remains in the original location of the townsite. In 1869, a new post office was established, and the first business in the area not related to government- a saloon. The town was the terminus of the railroad, complete with machine shops. By 1870, the town was booming with approximately 50 businesses. The Texas and Pacific Railroad bought out Southern Pacific in 1882, and installed track to Longview, and machine shops were relocated to Marshall. Many area residents moved when the town slumped and by 1892, the town’s population had dropped to about 300. In the 1920s the post office changed the spelling of its name to Hallsville. By the 1960s, population had increased and business began to grow again.