Hawkins, Texas is located twenty miles southeast of Quitman in the southeastern corner of Wood County. In 1873, the town received a post office, and the same year, Texas and Pacific Railway built through the area on its way to Dallas, although the town was fairly established before 1873, complete with a stagecoach service. By 1884, Hawkins was shipping lumber, shingles, livestock, and cotton. The town had multiple general stores, gristmills, cotton gins, churches, hotels and a school. In 1940, former lightweight boxer Bobby Manziel made the first major oil discovery in Wood County, and Hawkins became an overnight boomtown. That same year, oil was struck within the Hawkins city limits, causing land prices in the community soar. Humble Oil and Refining Company, which later became Exxon Company, U.S.A., was a principal driller in the Hawkins field, located just north of the community.