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Highway 80 Sale

Highway 80 Sale

By Nikki Peleezo

Photo by Nikki Peleezo

This weekend was the bi-annual event that is fast becoming a bonanza for the sellers as well as the buyers.  It is held on the third weekend in April and the third weekend in October.  It goes from Shreveport, Louisiana to Dallas, Texas.  It’s fun, fast paced and bargains galore.



Photo by Nikki Peleezo

Charlie and I started in Hallsville, Texas and ended up in Hawkins, Texas.  We must have stopped 35 times, or at least once every two to three miles.  There were tables set up alongside the road, as well as garage and yard sales in adjoining neighborhoods.



Photo by Nikki Peleezo

Charlie bought himself a crystal Hershey Kiss candy jar for a dollar.  (I’m still trying to figure this one out, especially when he passed up a box of rotary dial telephones covered in dirt,)  As for me, I found my usual amount of useless crap of which I can’t resell and Goodwill refuses to accept.  I can hear the remarks as we are pulling up to the tables:  “There she is, pull out the gizmo with the ruffled thing-a-ma-jig.  We’ll price it at $20.00, she’ll buy it.  She’ll buy anything, and if she won’t, break it to bits, throw some dirt on it and Charlie will.”

Photo by nikki Peleezo

Be sure to reserve the third weekend in October and come see what’s going on.

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  1. Thanks MYETX team for the info. I meant to say “a very little town”. From what I remember, when I was little, it was a wonderful town to raise children.

  2. Ummm, Hawkins, Texas sounds familiar. I think I lived there when I was little. It’s a very town isn’t it?

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