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Historic Landmarks Commission Announces a New Historic Landmark

Historic Landmarks Commission Announces a New Historic Landmark

Palestine, Texas- The Palestine City Council has confirmed the house at 616 South Sycamore, a dignified Tudor-Revival house designed by one of Palestine’s most influential architects, as the City’s newest historic landmark.

It was the year 1929 and Palestine architect Theodore S. Maffitt was visiting with his
client, Paul Sims Colley, at Colley’s home at 616 South Sycamore Street. The house on the
property was an unassuming wooden frame house built just prior to the turn of the
century. Palestine was a thriving place, and had recently added all of the modern
conveniences, such as paved sidewalks and streets, municipal water, and sanitation. Mr.
Colley asked the architect to update the home and add all the modern conveniences.

Theodore S. Maffitt developed a Tudor-revival design for the house, the same style he
had recently chosen for clients’ houses at 201 West Kolstad Street and 303 South Royall.
The major features of Maffitt’s design can still be seen on the house today, such as the
steeply pitched gabled roofline, brick exterior, half-timbering, and stained glass details.

The Colley family lived in the house until 1984, when Rhonda Herrington acquired the
house. With new ownership, a historically-sensitive rehabilitation of the interior brought
the second floor into use, and refined the kitchen and bath areas. Outside, the gardens
and landscape features were re-invigorated, while maintaining the historic character of
the home.

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