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Historic Landmarks Commission Announces Jan. 2014 Beautification Awards

Historic Landmarks Commission Announces Jan. 2014 Beautification Awards

Palestine HistoricPALESTINE- The City of Palestine’s Historic Landmarks Commission has announced two properties that are recognized for their beautification efforts.

Since 1994, the Palestine Historic Landmarks commission has been awarding recognition for the efforts made by owners to beautify and rehabilitate their property, a contribution that benefits the entire community. For the month of January the Historic Landmarks Commission singled out two properties that have recently been beautified and rehabilitated, and commend the owners on a job well done.

518 N. Sycamore – The recent repainting and repair of this house has transformed a plain, white building with deteriorating woodwork back into a respectable Queen Anne- style home. The spindle work porch and historic wooden windows are now subtly accented through use of rich green accents. The level of architectural detail found in this type of house was made popular through pattern books and architectural magazines in the last few decades of the 19th century. With the expanding railroad network, the affordable pre-shaped architectural millwork was readily available all across the nation.

Bon AppetiteBon Appetite, 1734 Crockett Rd. – This restaurant began its life as a modest brick cottage built around the middle of the 20th Century. Exterior details, reminiscent of a European cottage, feature prominently in the homes design. Fundamental elements include the dominant chimney with twin flues and the charming gabled entryway, all combining to offer charm and character. Inside, the owners wisely retained the fireplace and original wood plank flooring, creating a lively yet comfortable dining space.

For more information regarding the Historic Landmark Commission, or Historic Preservation please contact Jacob Morris at (903) 731-8419.

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