Horror Classic In The Park

Horror Classic In The Park

Palestine- Kick off the Halloween season with a Hollywood horror legend at Classic Movies in the Park in Palestine! Grab your blanket or lawn chair and someone to hang on to and head to Reagan Park for the strangest story the screen has ever told, “The Devil Doll.”

Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan, and Frank Lawton star in Tod Browning’s legendary 1934, horror flick adapted from the novel, “Burn Witch Burn.” In the movie an escaped Devil’s Island convict uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those that framed him.

Paul Lavond (Barrymore), was wrongly convicted of robbing his own Paris bank and killing a night watchman more than seventeen years ago, however, he escapes Devil’s Island with Marcel (Henry B. Walthall), a scientist who is trying to create a formula to reduce people to one-sixth of their original size. The intended purpose of the formula is to make the Earth’s limited resources—clean water, food, energy, etc.—last longer for an ever-growing population. The scientist dies after their escape.

Lavond joins the scientist’s widow, Malita (Rafaela Ottiano), and uses the shrinking technique to obtain revenge on the three former business associates who had framed him and to vindicate himself. Lavond clears his name and secures the future happiness of his estranged daughter, Lorraine (O’Sullivan), in the process. Malita isn’t satisfied, and wants to continue to use the formula for personal gain. She tries to kill Paul when he announces that he is finished with their partnership, having accomplished all he intended, but she ends up blowing up their lab and killing herself.

Don’t miss this horror classic in Reagan Park and start your Halloween season off with legendary horror! Movies are projected onto a large screen on the gazebo in the center of Reagan Park. Movies begin around dusk. There is no admission and the experience is priceless!

Classic Movies In The Park takes place the the first Saturday of every month.

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