Jefferson Makes ’em Laugh at the First Annual Arts on the Bayou Theater Festival

Jefferson Makes ’em Laugh at the First Annual Arts on the Bayou Theater Festival

"Red Velvet Cake Wars" Photo by Hollis Shadden

Jefferson – This past weekend Jefferson hosted its first annual “Arts on the Bayou Theater Festival.” The three days of performances were a great success, and left audiences in stitches! The MYETX Team attended the first weekend of the festival and we highly recommend all fans of live theater make the trip to Jefferson for the final weekend of performances!

Friday night the Festival opened up with “The Gin Game.” “The Gin Game” was scheduled on Friday night due to its adult themes of language and violence, and no children we’re admitted. “The Gin Game” can be considered a black comedy, the subject matter is serious but there are many humorous exchanges. Karl Fredrickson and Wendy Looney, the only two actors in the play, held the audience spellbound and did not let go until the play was over.

"The Texas Tumbleweed" Photo by Hollis Shadden

Saturday offered three plays and can be considered “Texas Day” at the festival, as all three plays have a Texas theme. “Bats In Your Belfries, Tales of the Texas Tumbleweed, and “The Red Velvet Cake War” made for a full day of entertainment.

“Bats In Your Belfries” is a classic melodrama and a Jefferson tradition, where the crowd is encouraged to boo and cheer. “Bats” tells the legend of railroad tycoon Jay Gould and the curse he placed on Jefferson. Actor & Comedian Andy Looney played the villainous Gould and the audience was engaged and active, cheering, laughing and booing throughout the production.

Next, Derek Duncan, brought his “Tales of the Texas Tumbleweed” to Jefferson. Derek and his Cowboy friends presented a collection of cowboy poetry, music and stories. “Tales of the Texas Tumbleweed” brought a true western art form to a new and much appreciative audience.

"The Red Velvet Cake Wars" Photo by Hollis Shadden

Saturday night wrapped up with an encore performance of “The Red Velvet Cake Wars.” “Red Velvet” ran in Jefferson last March, to sold out crowds, and was brought back for all who had not seen it and those who wanted to see it again. “Red Velvet” is a true Texas comedy that keeps the crowd laughing from the opening scene, until the end and was our favorite performance at the festival! The actors and actresses of “Red Velvet” were top notch, and their performance was spot on. If you only watched “The Red Velvet Cake Wars” it would be worth the $25 ticket alone!

The Sunday matinee “Every 17 Minutes the Crowd Goes Crazy” brought the weekend to a close. “17” is a showcase of thirteen Jefferson area, teen actors and actors. As they closed the weekend of this Festival, they also opened the audience’s eyes to the bright future Jefferson theatre has with their talented performance.

The Art Event Photo by Hollis Shadden.

Also before, between and after the shows audiences were able to view the talents of Jefferson’s visual artists. Photography, paintings, sculptures and crafts are on display in the lobby and lounge area. This artwork will be on display all week, so as you stop by the Jefferson Transportation and Visitor Center, to pick up your tickets, please enjoy.

The Festival continues this weekend, August 10th through the 12th. Tickets are $25.00 and allows attendance to all five shows. Tickets can be purchased at the Jefferson Transportation and Visitor Center at 305 East Austin, 903-665-3733 or they can be purchased online at


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