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Jefferson’s Roads, We Planned It This Way

Jefferson’s Roads, We Planned It This Way

By Jeff Campbell / Jeff In Jefferson

Birds Eye Map from 1872 Courtesy Photo

When you drive around Jefferson it can seem like the roads are a helter-skelter maze of confusion. In reality there was actually a plan for laying out the roads in Jefferson. Well, actually there were two plans.

Jefferson was founded by two men, Allen Urquhart and Daniel Alley, who did not really get along. Each man had a definite plan, though different, for their halves of the town.
Allen Urquhart developed the half of Jefferson closest to the river. Urquhart’s plan was to have his roads laying perpendicular and parallel to the river.

Unfortunately Mr. Alley had a different vision for his half of town. Daniel Alley developed what was called the Alley Addition. Mr. Alley decided he would have his streets in the traditional East/West and North/South grid plan.

So this is why, when you leave downtown and head to your Bed and Breakfast, the roads can seem a little confusing. We like it this way, its another little quirky story we can tell about Historic Jefferson, Texas.

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