Kirbyville, Texas is located 18 miles south of Jasper in east central Jasper County. Established in 1895 when the Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City line between the Neches and Sabine rivers first reached the site to facilitate marketing lumber from Kirby’s extensive timber holdings. The town was first known as Kirby, East Texas timberland owner, who also served two terms in the Texas legislature. That same year, a post office was established and the town’s name was changed to Kirbyville because the name Kirby was already in use. In 1900, Kirby sold its railroad to Santa Fe Railway, and soon after the town served as the Texas terminus of the Jasper and Eastern Railway. By the early 1900s, the settlement shifted settlement away from the sawmill site, and Kirbyville became a typical company town when Kirby Lumber Company was formed in 1901. At the peak of production at least 12 sawmills were in operation.