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(Mis) Adventures in Agri-Tourism

(Mis) Adventures in Agri-Tourism

By Jeff Campbell / Jeff In Jefferson
Recently I’ve been researching agri-tourism and the benefits it could bring to Jefferson. A farmer’s market, wine tastings, bird watching, hay rides, corn mazes and fishing are all visitor friendly. I did not consider the potential misadventures involved with agri-tourism.

The first story I read, about misadventures in agri-tourism, concerned a Danvers, Massachusetts family. The family, enjoying a fall festival corn maze,eventually became lost. The family had to call 911 to be rescued.

The second story was about a couple who traveled to an apple orchard in Stowe, Massachusetts. The orchard was a “you pick” apple orchard. The couple became disoriented and had to call the police for assistance.

I don’t think either of these stories will prevent us from pursuing agri-tourism in Jefferson, Texas.Texans and our ARK/LA brothers & sisters would have no trouble negotiating a apple orchard or corn maze.

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