Mission Tejas Events for August 2013

Mission Tejas Events for August 2013

WECHES- Mission Tejas State Park will have outdoor fun on tap throughout the month of August! These events are informative and fun for the whole family. Get outside and enjoy beautiful East Texas! 

August 3:  Mound Builders & Traders – The Caddo People!  The Caddo were the first people the Spanish encountered when they entered East Texas to found Mission San Francisco de los Tejas.  The Caddo contributed greatly to our history and heritage, including the name of our state.  This presentation will discuss and examine the culture, legacy, and daily lives of the Caddo people in the area of Mission Tejas.  10-11:30am, meet at The Mission.

August 10:  From boys to Men: The Civilian Conservation Corps!  80 years ago, President Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Putting young men to work across the nation, the CCC built state and national parks, and helped preserve our natural resources.  We will discuss the daily lives of enrollees and the lasting legacy the CCC created at Mission Tejas and other parks around the state.  10-11:30am, meet at The Mission.

August 18:  Historic Sites Tour!  This ranger led park tour will feature the historic features of Mission Tejas State Park.  We’ll go through the Rice Family Log Home, The Mission Replica and walk on historic El Camino Real.  Visitors will see 300 years of Texas history on this short tour.  The tour will begin at The Rice Home, then move on to The Mission and finish up on El Camino Real.  Visitors are welcome to attend all features or whichever section they would like.  Each section should take approximately 30-45 minutes.  1-3pm, meet at The Rice Home.

August 24:  The Path of Wealth & Adventure:  El Camino Real de los Tejas!  For centuries people have traveled the El Camino Real de los Tejas in search of wealth, adventure and opportunity.  During this guided hike we will stand in the footsteps of these travelers and discuss the impact and influences of this road on our shared cultural heritage.  10-11:30am, meet at The Mission.

August 31:  Geocaching 101!  Explore the great outdoors and go modern-day treasure hunting through the use of a handheld GPS.  This is a great family activity.  Meet the ranger at The Park Pavilion to learn basic tips on how to geocache and then head out to locate the hidden treasure.  Eight GPS units are available for loan, but visitors are encouraged to bring their own, if they have one or download a geocaching app on their smartphone.  Remember to bring drinking water and wear appropriate shoes and clothing.  Meet at 10am at The Pavilion.


All of our programs are free, there is a $2.00 park entry fee for all 13 yrs. & older.  We are located on Hwy 21 between Alto and Crockett.  Please call 936-687-2394 with any questions.

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