Murder at the Rodeo

Murder at the Rodeo

rodeoGILMER- Upshur County Community Players will be performing Amy Patterson’s newest dinner theater play, “MURDER at the RODEO. ”  This hilariously entertaining murder mystery dinner theater will be performed at the Gilmer Country Club, Saturday,  March 29, 7 pm. Doors will open at 6 pm for fellowship and drinks.  Come early to get a good table.

Everyone has gathered for the big barbeque held before the rodeo begins. Jack Aster, owner of the arena holding the prize money, has been murdered.  Was it Beau Leggs, the rodeo clown and veteran bull rider, who has seen better days, played by Jimmy Bedard? Or maybe Larry Attz, played by Brandon Dodd, champion bronc rider and rodeo idol, did it. We can’t rule out Buck M. Offenheimer, aka Greg Burch, saddle bronc rider and sometimes bareback rider. Sunny Delight,  Dr. Cherie Nazzal, barrel racer, is a little too ditzy, maybe too many times around the barrel, and had motive and opportunity.  Or did Heidi Heffner, Amorette Burch, Rodeo Queen, kill the Jack Aster?  Sal Monella also had motive, played by Criss Bartley. She is the cook for the participants and patches them up when they are injured? This is not her first rodeo.

Tickets are only $25.00 and must be pre purchased from the Gilmer Country Club, 903 734 4125, or from the Gilmer Chamber of Commerce,  903 843 2413.

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