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Old Barn In Blackfoot

Old Barn In Blackfoot

By Dana Goolsby

Barn Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT- Here’s a great old barn I stumbled upon last winter in Blackfoot, Texas. Blackfoot is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Palestine.

Around 1850 a member of the family of Cynthia Anne Parker preached at a primitive church in the area. The name of the community originated in 1870, when Uncle Hamp Hanks, Sr., was told he was in “Blackfoot Nation.”

Before the Civil War Blackfoot had one school and a post office was established in 1886. Later a justice of the peace courthouse was built and operated until about 1935 for precinct court. The building remained standing until 1973, when it was blown down by a wind storm. Before the Civil War Blackfoot had a population of about 40. By 1936 the population had increased to approximately 200. The current population is approximately 30.

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