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Possible Black Panther or Black Bear Caught on Camera in Anderson County

Palestine- This photo was taken just outside of Palestine, off Highway 287 North by a local resident’s game camera. Some people believe the animal in the photo is possibly a black panther. Others say the animal in question could be a black bear. MYETX wants to know what you think! Email us your comments to or comment below.

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First of all, it can't be a black panther, as there is no such animal. It would have to be a jaguar, and, unless someone let their pet wild cat go free, they aren't even indigenous to North America. Jaguars are native to South America. So can we please stop calling it a black panther?

Secondly,, just  look at this animal. It is obviously a black bear, which ARE indigenous to this area. Now stop frightening the children with these Big Foot categorically slated tales and find something else to keep our wives and  children up at night.


Hope Roberson

Angelo Landrum
Angelo Landrum

Hard to tell ... the shot is too pixelated and has poor resolution. Face/head shape, shoulder & front leg look stocky ... more like a black bear. However, IF it's a large feline, the coloration appears melanistic due to heavy shadowing. Folks who've seen an east Texas "black panther" would most likely agree that they appear almost "blue-black" and the coat is shiny, not dull. Most of the Louisiana black bears that I've seen appear to have a dirty, dull coat.