PYOP- Pick Your Own Peaches!

PYOP- Pick Your Own Peaches- Danville Farms has been offering peach picking opportunities since 1980. The six-acre orchard consists of 600 trees, where peaches are allowed to fully tree-ripen. This results in some of the best-tasting peaches the East Taxes climate can possibly produce.

Each summer thirteen varieties of peaches are available from late June to early August. Popular freestone varieties include Harvester, Majestic, Red Globe, Fire Prince, Ruston Red, and Redskin. Other varieties available at Danville Farms are Sunland, Windblo, Loring, Bounty, Denman, Dixiland, and Sun Prince.

If you haven’t had your fill of peaches this summer, or want to put some in your freezer for a tasty winter treat head out to Danville Farms and pick some juicy, delicious peaches. Customers may buy peaches by the pound, or half-bushel boxes are available for the serious peach lover. This year’s peach crop is lighter than usual, as the early varieties did not set much fruit, however the later varieties, those that ripen in Jul, have set a bigger crop.

The farm is located in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas near Kilgore, at 2366 Danville Rd. Upon entering the farm, visitors will enjoy a scenic drive with glimpses of farm animals, fish ponds and possibly exotic wildlife. The winding path passes through the peach orchard and then on to the fifteen acres of Virginia Pine Christmas trees.

For more information visit the Danville Farms website or call (903) 520-8929 or (903) 649-3971.

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