Rebirth of the Liberty

Rebirth of the Liberty

Photo by Jessica Sharp

Tyler- The Liberty Theater in Tyler opened its doors during the 1930’s. It was a grand place to take in a classic movie and a cornerstone of downtown Tyler. For the last several decades the theater has been a vacant eyesore in downtown, however, it is scheduled for a grand rebirth next month.

The Grand Opening Gala for Liberty Hall is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10, and new life will be breathed into the Liberty. The East Texas Symphony Orchestra will perform.

Photo by Jessica Sharp

The city of Tyler purchased the theater in 2008, for $180,000. The city then partnered with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra to raise more than a million dollars of private donations to restore the theater.

Many area residents have fond memories of the old theater and are anxious for its doors to reopen. As the Liberty makes a come back in a new century scores of people are waiting to get in line to get a seat at Liberty Hall. The Liberty marquee will soon be surging again on a regular basis, allowing nostalgia and memories to sweep over Tyler.

The newly remodeled Liberty Hall will boast more than 300 seats, as well as balcony and box seating for musical performances and other community entertainment events. The renovations have taken the theater back to the grandeur of its roots, from the 1930s.

Chamber music, quartets, recitals, and public meetings will all be held at Liberty Hall in the very near future. The Liberty will also be available to rent for lectures, conferences, classes, concerts and films.

Don’t miss the grand re-opening of a historic theater in East Texas! Get dressed up and take your sweetheart on a date he or she will never forget and make new memories in an old place. Bring the Liberty back to life on Sept. 10.


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