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RUI: Rafting Under the Influence

RUI: Rafting Under the Influence

By Jeff Campbell / Jeff in Jefferson

These beautiful fall days in East Texas are perfect for getting out on the water. Just last Sunday, my wife and I were out canoeing on Caddo Lake, peacefully paddling as we enjoyed the fall colors. When you’re out on the water though don’t end up like William Modene.

William Modene was rafting down the Chena River in Alaska. William just happened to have a cooler full of his favorite adult beverage. Now, a brew or two would not make for a story, but ole William over indulged.

The police were called to the scene after receiving calls of a raft acting, well, drunk! William was pulled from his raft and given a breathalyzer test and he registeres a .313, four times the legal limit.

So when you are out on the water, enjoying the East Texas fall, don’t be like William Modene. Don’t get you a RUI!



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