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Stock Up On Your Easter Staples this Saturday

Stock Up On Your Easter Staples this Saturday 

NACOGDOCHES- Be sure to stop by the Farmer’s Market this Saturday to get all of your Easter fixings! Fresh eggs, fruits, and vegetables will be available.

Things to look for: baked goods (breads, cakes, mini cheesecakes, cookies, fried pies & pies), candles, canned goods (wild-picked jams & jellies including may haw, blackberry, blueberry, marmalades, preserves, chow-chow, pickled vegetables, salsas & relishes), ceramics, artisan Texas cheeses, freshly ground organic corn meal and whole wheat flour, free-range eggs, herbs (basil, coriander, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary & thyme), dried herbs, local raw honey, jewelry, plants (house plants, bedding plants, fruit trees, trees & whips), smoothies, soaps (lye and herbal), ribboncane syrup, tamales, vinegars and fruit wines. LOCAL PRODUCE: arugula, asparagus, frozen shelled beans (butter, baby Lima & pinto), beets, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, greens (arugula, beet, collard, kale, mustard, spinach, Swiss chard & turnip), kohlrabi, lettuce (leaf & tasio), frozen okra, onions (green and yellow), frozen shelled peas (black eye, brown Crowder & zipper cream), pecans (cracked, shelled & unshelled), new potatoes, radishes, squash (acorn, banana, butternut, kushaw & spaghetti), strawberries, sweet potatoes & turnips.

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The Nacogdoches Farmers’ Market, located at the “hitch lot” at the corner ofWest Mainand Pearl Streets, is open from 8 a.m. until noon or later every Saturday morning. If the market parking lot is full, additional parking is available in the Nacogdoches County Courthouse Annex parking lot.

Please note that the Farmer’s Market is a “Smoke Free” facility for the health of our customers and vendors.

Please make plans to join us for a special edition of the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, April 18th from 12 to 3 p.m., on the grounds of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

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