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Stop and Smell the…Bluebonnets!

Stop and Smell the…Bluebonnets!

By Dana Goolsby

Palestine, Texas- Every year I go out searching for Bluebonnets around East Texas to photograph. This year I have stumbled upon several nice patches within walking distance from house in Palestine’s historic home district. Century-old wooden castles adorned with pink and white Dogwoods, Azaleas, Japanese Snowballs, Wisteria and Bluebonnets are a must-see sight for visitors.

Springtime in Palestine is full of blooms and nature’s beauty. The Dogwood Trails Celebration has ended but springtime beauty is still on tap in Palestine!

Davey Dogwood Park continues to look spectacular, dappled with white Dogwood blooms all throughout the park. The park offers numerous photo opportunities and fantastic picnic areas.


Stay tuned for more wildflower reports and photos!

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