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Sulphur River

Sulphur River
(Not mapped)

The Sulphur River is formed in east Delta County by the union of its North and South Forks and flows through Bowie, Morris, and Cass Counties into the Red River in Arkansas. Approximately 75 miles of the main stream are located in Texas. Flowing through heavily timbered woods where little or no current is present, the water is generally muddy due to channelization upstream. No rapids are present. Lake Texarkana is located on the Sulphur, and recreational use of the section below the dam depends upon water releases from the dam. The portion above the reservoir contains sufficient water for recreational activities almost any time. The section below the dam has the best water quality.

Waterway features are as follows: US 259 crossing – fifteen miles southeast of De Kalb and eight miles north of Omaha, US 67 crossing – six miles southwest of Bassett and seven miles northwest of Marietta, SH 8 crossing – four miles south of Maud and four miles north of Douglassville. (Lake Texarkana is immediately below this site), and US 59 crossing – one-half below Lake Texarkana Dam, ten miles north of Queen City and eight miles southwest of Texarkana. The Texas-Arkansas State Line is located about seventeen miles below this site. No further road crossings are located in Texas.

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