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Super Moon to Rise this Weekend

Super Moon to Rise this Weekend

ETX- Attention skywatchers! The largest full moon of 2013, the “supermoon,” will light up the night sky this weekend. On Sunday, June 23,  the moon will arrive at perigee — the point in its orbit its orbit bringing it closest to Earth, a distance of 221,824 miles. But Sunday’s lunar perigee will be the moon’s closest to Earth of 2013.

During Sunday’s supermoon, the moon will appear about 12.2 percent larger than it will look on Jan. 16, 2014, when it will be farthest from the Earth during its apogee.

While skywatchers will be able to spot another supermoon in July, the moon will not be this close to earth again until August 2014.

The moon will turn full at 7:32 a.m. EDT Sunday. It will reach its closest point to the Earth 22 minutes earlier and will be visible after the sun sets that evening.

So be sure to step outside Sunday night to catch a glimpse of the June 2013 supermoon. (To see the perigee moon in all its oversized glory, try to spot it at moonrise or moonset, when it is on the horizon.)

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